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    Has anyone heard of a new program from Kodak called Customer Sense.
    If so, what is it about.


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    Re: Customer Sense

    I'm sorry but I have not heard of this new program. I sure hope that Kodak takes come of the experience they learned in the Win-Win situation and turns that into a positive with the customers. I really so not care fo have another flavor of the month introduced... then implemented... then ripped from my hands without just cause or valid explaination. Using terms like " As a result of considerable customer feedback, the former Creo Win/Win Plus Service Rebate Program (WWP) will be cancelled immediately." This is just such terrible PR. This just makes me so mad and no one inside Kodak really cares. They were not making as much mney as they could have in service so they changed it and if I don't like it, so what. I would love to learn about this new program and how it will help my customers and my business.
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      Re: Customer Sense

      Hi All,

      There is good news to communicate about the initiative called Customer was actually initiated by you (the GUA).

      I can understand the frustration that Tom and others have expressed about the cancellation of the win/win program - in fact - all the feedback I've received has been passed on to the Leadership team in the region. In response the region has been open to learn from this experience how to better understand and communicate with customers.

      But back to Customer SEnSE - this is a cross-functional initiative that was launched by the US&C Leadership Team (Kevin Joyce's team) in response to the feedback that all of you provided (direct ot Kevin in the Bullpen) at the last GUA Conference. They have committed to analyzing and recreating all their processes across the customer axis to be customer-centric. This means that the team has dedicated resources from across the company to figure out how to make it easier for you to do business with Kodak - to improve your experience in interacting with the company. In fact, they've asked me to lead a team to figure out what kind of information, and how you'd like to be communicated to.

      But they don't plan to do all this stuff in a closet and launch it without talking to you - they want the GUA Board to be involved and engaged in validating the plan and representing your perspective in the changes. I have the action to set up the meeting between the GUA board and the Leadership in the region. (set for Nov 21st)

      I'll let some of the GUA Board Members come back to this thread after the meeting to give you an update on what they thought of the program.

      The schedule is pretty aggressive - the first impacts of this program are planned for the beginning of the year. More information will be communicated as Phase One of the changes begins to roll out.

      This effort marks a new way that the GUA is working with Kodak in the region to represent your interests

      If you have any questions - I'd be happy to answer them.

      Best regards,