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Help Gartner/EDSF gather information on the eProcurement market

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  • Help Gartner/EDSF gather information on the eProcurement market

    Gartner/EDSF is studying the eProcurement market, with the support of Kodak. You can help by asking your customers to participate confidentially in this 10 minute online survey. In exchange for participation, respondents will receive a copy of the report.

    Survey URL:

    Following is a brief explanation of the study.


    After the “dot com” boom and bust of the 1990’s, Internet-based tools to streamline procurement processes have rebounded significantly. In particular, print eProcurement has not only simplified the buying process but also made buyers more productive, suppliers less error-prone and reduced the cost of print procurement.

    Kodak is pleased to support research conducted by Gartner Inc. and George Mason University on behalf of the Electronic Document Systems Foundation (EDSF; These reputable institutions are researching the print e-procurement tools marketplace to determine user preferences and to recommend the most productive and cost-effective ways for print buyers to leverage print e-procurement tools.

    As a procurement professional, we invite you to participate in the study. The survey asks questions about the features and functionality that you want in a print e-procurement solution.

    Gartner, George Mason University and EDSF are justifiably proud of their fact-based insight gained in part through confidential surveys such as this one. Please rest assured that your answers will be kept in the strictest confidence. Their report will include only aggregated answers along with their thoughts based on the research.

    EDSF plans to publish the research report by the end of July. If you provide an email address, which will remain confidential, then you will receive a copy of the report and will be entered into a drawing for one of ten $25.00 certificates.

    We understand that completing a survey may the last thing you want to do during a busy business day. However, the resulting market research report warrants your input as an industry professional, so please take about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

    Survey URL: