2018 European GUA - Save the Date!

The European Graphic Users Association Conference is coming to Lisbon, Portugal, October 10-12, 2018. Returning for 2018 - GUA University classes which will allow you to enhance your skills and knowledge with in-depth hands on computer training. Registration will be opening soon! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and the website for the latest information
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Kodak Video

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  • Kodak Video

    I know it takes a while for them to post the conference materials... but does anyone know when they're going to post that Kodak Video? The photo/consumer version has been on youtube for a while..
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    Re: Kodak Video


    I'm working on this with kodak to see if there are any issues doing so. The other videos online are a bit different. Same look and feel, but differnt words...

    I'll keep you all posted - tc
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