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  • KODAK Customer Number / Site ID

    Greetings to all GUA members!

    The question is: should a prepress firm have this information (KODAK Customer Number or Site ID) or this is only for local KODAK vendor?

    As I know it is new KODAK policy to allow access to their info only for qualified professionals. Maybe for distant regions only.

    It seems so, that if firm chooses another vendor old one can block eCentral logon. (At the worst).

    Thanks in advance for your point of view.
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    Re: KODAK Customer Number / Site ID

    Well for me, I have my Kodak customer ID memorized as I need it every time I open a call with the Response Center. Thats the first question they ask for. I say you need it! - tc
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      Re: KODAK Customer Number / Site ID

      Everybody here have their's Customer Numbers. Well, it looks like Kodak did right.
      In my country there is only one official Kodak vendor. That vendor firm is huge. It fully represents Kodak - all questions, all answers.
      It is easier for most cases.

      Why am I not "totally happy" about this? No Customer Number, no control on my login to Kodak eCentral site.

      So, I go on working with ours:
      Prinergy Connect & Evo 3.2, Insite Prepress Preview 4.5, Veris, 3 CtP lines and other stuff.


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        Re: KODAK Customer Number / Site ID

        Hi Anton - the answer to your question is geographic in nature.

        For areas in North America, most countries in Western Europe, many countries in Asia, Australia and Japan; where Kodak provides direct support, we give you directly a customer number and that's what we use to align your account and allow you to request support for your equipment.

        Sounds like in your area, you're being registered under your country's master distributor which is how we do support our distributor's customers.

        What is it that you would like different? The only thing that I think you're not getting is the ability to open support requests and run reports on service and those won't work for you if Kodak doesn't provide direct support in your area.

        (you can contact off-forum if you'd like at if you'd like).



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          Re: KODAK Customer Number / Site ID

          Hi Todd!
          This information is what I missed.

          I wanted to have complete, accurate and trusted information about support organisation, but could not to find it or get from local support.

          Thank you!