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  • GUA Conference Feedback

    Thank you to all who attended, stayed through the duration of and are providing feedback on GUA Conference 2008.

    The GUA Board is super-energized and motivated--perhaps more than any other time in recent history--to provide the membership with experiences that integrate education, information, networking, fun and a year-round source of support and training. We believe that the partnership that we've built with Kodak is strong and we're ready to grow this organization and to be the best of its kind! (That is IF there is anything like us at all!)

    The GUA Board members are users exactly like yourselves and come from all facets of this amazing and ever-evolving industry. Keep the momentum from the conference going, step up and speak out about what you want and need from this organization. Use the forums, tell your less-involved colleagues, keep us up-to-date with your business and manufacturing concerns, and fill out and submit the online survey as soon as it's posted.

    Your participation and support of our group makes every tiring minute of effort that the Board put into this conference worth it!
    Liz Synadinos
    Prepress Manager
    Lithographix, Inc.
    Past GUA Board Member (2006–2010)
    Prinergy 7.5
    Preps 7.5
    2-Magnus VLF
    1-Screen Flexo 1200
    4-Epson 11880
    1-Durst Rho 800
    1-Canon ImpoProof
    5-HP 5500

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    Re: GUA Conference Feedback

    We are new to Prinergy and GUA (October) but I must say this was the best event of its kind I've ever attended.

    The planning and execution were excellent. The information gained for my company is priceless!

    Being able to talk with individual Program managers in the lab setting was outstanding.

    The way the Kodak folks "took some heat" and tried to answer issues was also superb!

    Great job board and staff!

    Jerry Axtell
    Prepress Manager

    Panaprint, Inc
    Macon Ga 31216

    Prinergy 6.1, InSite 6.7, Preps7, Archiver, Veripress, ImpoProof, Matchprint Epson 7900, Screen PTR 8600 (2).