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  • New Media Info Wanted

    GUA Members,

    Kodak is looking at new media options to keep in touch with it's valued customers. This survey was posted at the annual GUA Conference for delegate attendees and we would like to expand the survey to include all GUA members.

    Please take a moment to answer this brief survey on your use of new media. This will help us continue to provide you with the information and materials you need, in a way that's convenient for you.

    thank you - tc
    Thomas R. Clifford, Jr.
    Graphic Users Association Past President
    | HC Miller | Director Digital Development |
    | Phone: 920-965-9722 | e-mail: |
    | | Mac 512 KE | Syquest 44 MB | Apple LaserWriter | HyperCard 2.4.1 |
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    Re: New Media Info Wanted

    Good survey. I'd especially really love to see some of the developers at Kodak, as well as some of the support folks, run blogs. It'd be a great way for both us as users to keep up on what's going on at Kodak, and for Kodak to get a more constant source of feedback than just the GUA Conference or these forums.

    I would, however, be disappointed if this or any of the other "new media" stuff just turns into Kodak marketing. I'd be interested in it if it was another way to keep myself informed etc., but the last thing I need is a commercial.