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Outlook 2003 Menu Viewing Troubles

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  • Outlook 2003 Menu Viewing Troubles

    I know ths isn't prepress related, but maybe someone knows how to fix it:
    I've got Outlook 2003 Pro(all patches are up-to-date), on WinXP Pro (SP3 but it's done it on all patches).
    Everything's cool until I get into the menus.
    I can only see about 2/3 of the menu window contents(see image at the bottom)
    Other than this it works fine, so I wouldn't care except I feel like there's things I should be able to change, but would never know it because it's in the part I can't see!

    There is no option in Outlook (that I can see) that will adjust menu window text size and my XP window text sizes are at default settings, plus it seems to be limited to Outlook. I've searched Microsofts Outlook support site and I can't find anything remotely related, not even mentioned in patch fix lists.

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    Re: Outlook 2003 Menu Viewing Troubles

    I have almost the same setup (SP2 instead of 3) The main difference I see is that all of my tabs across the top of that window fit on one line. I think its because you are using a different system font. Did you nuke the Arial font loaded by Windows by any chance?



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      Re: Outlook 2003 Menu Viewing Troubles

      mine is Outlook 2007 on Vista SP1, and tabs are just single row.
      and fonts looks much smaller than yours.
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        Re: Outlook 2003 Menu Viewing Troubles

        Could be, I do manage my fonts and the Arial face I have installed is an open typeface version and I think the shipped fonts are all ttf (not sure how, or why, I don't generally use open face fonts if I can help it) the strange thing is I don't ever delete any fonts, I only uninstall them and I keep all added fonts in a folder on the shared drive

        but I'll see if I can find the arial ttf files and replace the ones I've got now
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