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The European Graphic Users Association Conference is coming to Lisbon, Portugal, October 10-12, 2018. Returning for 2018 - GUA University classes which will allow you to enhance your skills and knowledge with in-depth hands on computer training. Registration will be opening soon! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and the website for the latest information
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Who is going to GUA Conference 2009

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  • Who is going to GUA Conference 2009

    Seems like there is not much active buzz in the forum on the 2009 Conference. Are many attending this year? I am looking forward to it and the new GUA University class offerings. Budget was pretty tight here as I imagine it is everywhere but the $4000 helped us sell it . Just a little curious as the where others stand on attending.

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    Re: Who is going to GUA Conference 2009

    I've gone the past 2 years and was looking forward to this year, but unfortunately I will not be attending. The conference credit usually makes the conference a pretty easy sell, however this year we are being more cautious on spending, so not being sure whether we will utilize the credit in the given 6 month period makes justifying the ~$3,000 in conference expenses a bit harder.

    For those who are going, I think the GUA University sounds like a great idea with varying skill levels and extended class times.

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      Re: Who is going to GUA Conference 2009

      I am not signed up yet, but just got approval this morning. YEAH!!! I know there are over 80 others who have already signed up. Slowly but surly we are rising in numbers.
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        Re: Who is going to GUA Conference 2009

        I am going and bring 2 more folks from The Bureau. We have attended GUA for the last 2 years and think it is one of the best conferences out there.

        For those that don't know, the GUA conference is the only place you will find all the Kodak product managers, developers and senior executives in one place for 3 full days.

        I am amazed at the time and energy Kodak puts into this event each year making it one of the best user group conferences I have ever participated in.

        But it isn't just about Kodak, it is a great opportunity to talk to other Kodak customers and find out what is working (and what isn't) for them as well.

        This year should be no exception.

        The lack of "buzz" is partly due to the late start of the campaign and partly due to everyone having to do more with less.

        There is a full website up to highlight the conference sessions, speakers and more at as well as a print and email campaign that has already started.

        If you haven't received any emails or postcards as of yet, please go to and add your information and you will be added to the next campaign.

        The $4,000 / attendee credit is only good until April 15th, after that it will drop to $3,000 (and the price of the conference goes up) so hurry up and get approval to go to GUA 2009.

        Airfares to Orlando in May are pretty cheap as well, and the hotel rate is great. Hard to find reasons not to attend, but I'd love to hear why anyone can't / isn't attending this year.