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Remote access to Prinergy

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  • Remote access to Prinergy

    Is there anyway to remote access to our prinergy server from home?

    Any document I have to read?

    Anybody can give some advise?

    Thanks much


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    Re: Remote access to Prinergy

    If you can set up a VPN into your network then you can run Workshop at home and connect to Prinergy through the VPN.
    Jamie Stotz
    EPP Systems Administrator
    Cenveo, Baltimore

    Prinergy, Preps 5.3.3, Upfront 4.0.6


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      Re: Remote access to Prinergy

      Again VPN into your network and run workshop on the primary/secondary with RDC.
      Regards, John.


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        Re: Remote access to Prinergy

        I don't bother with RDC. Just VPN, and launch workshop.


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          Re: Remote access to Prinergy

          I use a product called for remote control of my Primary and Secondary. Workshop over a VPN will be pretty slow (depending on your internet connection of course) and Workshop alone doesn't give you everything you might need for remote administration of the system. I use the free version but the pay version adds things like file transfer, remote printer and sound support that I don't need anyway.