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    A couple of us received email invites today to the Creo lists. Are they not the lists that we left to use these forums. If so, I'll ignore the emails.

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    Re: Lyris List

    Hi Wendy,

    Actually they are different It is true that we used the Lyris technology for the old discussion forums - but the technology was not so good at managing direct interaction - what it does really well is manage distribution lists.

    The invitations you likely received are for the Kodak ENewsletter - which is electronically distributed monthly and is full of information and support notes. You can register to receive only the information you are interested in - so in effect "customize" all the current information you receive from Kodak.

    In addition - registering for the eNewsletter means that you are also registered for eCentral alerts - which means that if Kodak knows about a problem that may impact your production - they will send you a proactive electronic email about it - so you can plan around it.

    They are a great tool - I completely endorse signing up for them

    Best regards,