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GUA 2006 unauthorized review (you had to be there)

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  • rdarnell
    started a topic GUA 2006 unauthorized review (you had to be there)

    GUA 2006 unauthorized review (you had to be there)

    My plane arrived 6 hours late in Vancouver, so I missed the opening event Wednesday night. I was delayed further by the lack of any Westin shuttle from the airport, contrary to their website. So once I did finally arrive around midnight by taxi, the alarm was triggered at the Westin. They were on high alert for my arrival, since they gave away my king size bed reservation earlier. So off I was to my Queen size bed, tempted momentarily by the $5 bottles of water in my room. I drank from the tap. You know, the travel industry makes the printing industry look downright service oriented.

    I figured out what a flashing green traffic light means. Bubble tea ahead. Trust me on that one.

    The next morning, I ate bacon. A lot of bacon. By the time the keynote address was finished, my hankering changed to a Chrysler Cordova with Corinthian leather. You had to be there, I guess.

    50% of the Q&A sessions seemed to be comprised of questions by the three ad agencies in attendance. Considering we are the same three agencies that were there last time, I'm guessing advertising is not a growth sector for Kodak. Maybe Chinese advertising is? We'll never know since only Kodak Users allowed to leave their own country can attend the GUAs.

    I was surprised to learn Brisque owners were so upset. And I thought Prinergy was old technology!

    I was sympathetic about the loss of work to China. Until the Friday night at Playland, an amusement park Kodak rented out for us. I noticed fellow Kodak users carrying all the stuffed animals they could carry back to the bus. Stuffed animals all made where? In China!!! Then I thought somewhere there must be toy makers grabbing all the hardback books and greeting cards they can get their hand on. That's how it works, you know. One day your driving around with a "Buy American" bumper stick, and the next thing you know, you're parking your Hyundai at WalMart. Maybe we'll vote for Nadar next time. Haha hehe. That's a little Canadian humor.

    I did try for the super-sized gorilla in the softball/lead milk bottle game. I was asked what I would do with a 800 pound Gorilla. I said I'd name him Quark.

    Rollercoasters, a juggler and women walking on stilts with no means of visible support in more ways than one. The barker, "LuCky NuMbEr SeVeN!" Nobody wants the Hulk doll. You had to be there.

    Ever notice that the RoundTables are U-shaped? Yeah, that's a Kodak conspiracy too.

    I went to the Hard vs Soft Proofing debate - they were serving hard and soft ice cream. By the end of the debate it was all soft. Problem solved. Don't you wish life was always that simple?

    How about that Dov Isaacs from Adobe? Is he God or what? If Kodak had someone like him setting up customer workflows, the executive bullpen microphones would be used for Karaoke duets.

    As far as User's Groups go, this one is one of the best. Kodak provided meals, entertainment, field trips, sessions, etc. Everything except a hooker. But I think if you buy enough Approval consumables, who knows? I can think of no other reason the Approval is still around. Bundled with a Brisque that's gotta fetch $500 bucks on eBay.

    I had an epiphany Thursday night at the Vancouver Aquarium, another venue Kodak rented out for us. As I stood there eating Sushi at the Aquarium, I first realized the irony in eating Sushi at an Aquarium. And then I considered the options. Live in the confined space you are given or roll in rice.

    You had to be there. And maybe we are.

  • paulh
    Re: GUA 2006 unauthorized review (you had to be there)

    Rick - Excellent analysis!

    Wendy - I still owe you one!

    Leslie - when are the final versions of the presentations from the conference going to be posted? (By now, I've forgotten everything that I need to report to management on.)

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  • wendytf
    Re: GUA 2006 unauthorized review (you had to be there)

    Completely agree with you. I didn't expect to get as much out of the conference this year as I did last year. I went into Dov's session without even really knowing what the topic was. I just wanted to hear him speak.
    I know a lot of hard work goes into the planning, and it clearly paid off. We're already shopping for more software.
    Aside from that, I found that Vancouver is a beautiful city, and the people are very friendly. We arrived a few days early and made a trip up to Whistler - played in the snow and saw a bear!
    I'm already planning to go again next year. Do we know where it's being held?

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