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The European Graphic Users Association Conference is coming to Lisbon, Portugal, October 10-12, 2018. Returning for 2018 - GUA University classes which will allow you to enhance your skills and knowledge with in-depth hands on computer training. Registration will be opening soon! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and the website for the latest information
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Introducing the New GUA Board

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  • Introducing the New GUA Board

    Although many of you already know me from posts here on the forums or from talking to me at the Conference; I would like to re-introduce myself as your GUA President for the 2007/2008 term.

    GUA Board elections were held at GUA Conference 2006 and I was confirmed by the sitting board as President, replacing Rich Dunklee of HBP who will continue on as a board member. I’d like to thank Rich and the rest of the board for all the great work done to evolve this organization over the past two years – and look forward to working with the board on the next steps for this User Association.

    Here is your new GUA Board of Directors:

    Tom Clifford, Banta Book Group GUA President
    Rich Dunklee, HBP Inc. GUA Past President
    Steve Johnson, Commercial Lithographing Company Director
    Chris Illa, Japs-Olson Company Director
    Peter Madliger, Hemlock Printers Ltd Director
    Pam DeWitt, Banta Publications Group Director
    Liz Synadinos, Insync Media Director
    Michael Cates, Hallmark Cards Inc Director
    Susan Kinney, The Castle Press Director

    Kodak Representatives:
    Boudewijn Neijens, WPE Marketing Director
    Lesley MacDonald, GUA Program Mgr Director

    It was a very close election – so a huge round of thanks to members who also put your names in the hat (we hope you will consider it again in the future) Brett Linton of Courier, Mark Blaine of St Ives, Waleed Ashoo of Lithexcel, Karen Nielsen of Schmidt/Taylor Corp and Rob Lisi of Transcontinental.

    We were lucky to have so many great members to choose from!

    We, the board, are now actively working with Kevin Joyce, Kodak’s Managing Director of the United States & Canada to address some of the key concerns that were raised by members at the conference. We were very pleased at Kevin’s willingness to listen to our issues and his team’s responsiveness to work with us. In the interests of maintaining an ongoing dialogue we (Kevin & I) will shortly post a summary of the key issues and Kevin will provide an update from Kodak on how they plan to address them.

    Please feel free to bring your concerns and challenges to me – Kodak has clearly indicated a willingness to listen, understand and work with us to find solutions.

    I'm here to help - Tom
    Thomas R. Clifford, Jr.
    Graphic Users Association Past President
    | HC Miller | Director Digital Development |
    | Phone: 920-965-9722 | e-mail: |
    | | Mac 512 KE | Syquest 44 MB | Apple LaserWriter | HyperCard 2.4.1 |
    | Preps 5 | |