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    There ought to be a "color" catagory - maybe subdivided by input (scanner, camera), working spaces and output (proofers, monitors). This would provide a place for individual discussion yet organized in relationship to each other. You could take it a step further, now that you are KODAK. Motion picture color management is now being implemented - with Kodak as one of the pioneers. Maybe include that convergence. I know they probably won't, but we can dream.

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    Re: Color Group

    Hi Rick,

    There is a forum called "color & proofing" and we wanted to start the conversations about color there. The reason is that we didn't want to branch off into too many subgroups because the traffic drops and people don't get enough value from the subgroups and the cafe becomes innundated with color questions What we thought might work is to have a more general forum to start - then when there is enough critical mass to split the topic off onto a subforum. If others join this thread and express the same desire as you do - to have a seperate forum for color - I can run a poll and we can validate to make sure everyone agrees.

    These forums are so much more flexible than the old ones - we'll really be able to evolve them as member needs dictate.