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IPP: New password required when login first time

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  • IPP: New password required when login first time

    Due to security reason Kodak changed the behavior of prompting users who login for the first time to enter a new password.
    The start page changes with the addition "change password", but most of the user do not recognize this and so they fail to login!
    I'm fine with the new security requirements, but the way user get the invitation to create a new password is not very clear!
    User should be able to login to IPP and then there should be a new page/popup window to define a new password.

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    I concur. I raised a similar request with Kodak

    When user is asked to set new password at login page, only a text string appears and in many cases missed by user. We experience a high volume of calls from customers requiring assistance just to get new password set. This process in our opinion is poor user experience (UX). We believe a pop up would be more appropriate. The popup should also not ask the user to enter their username and password for a second time. [Reported to Micheal B and Steve Miller, Round table discussion GUA Berlin]
    Richard Smiles - Technical Manager (Pre-press)
    Prinergy PowerPack
    InSite Prepress Portal
    Spotless Software 2.1
    ORIS CTW 3.1.1
    ORIS FPW 3.1.1


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      Bump. We get a ton of calls regarding logins. We have it spelled out exactly what users should do and no one reads it. The new user login should be easier.
      Robert Wolfe

      Prinergy | KPS


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        I'd like to add my frustration to the InSite password process; and it certainly is a process. As our companies Administrator for this product I am overwhelmed by internal and external user frustration. The average user does not have the patience to sort through the over-challenging steps; which we have determined to be approximately 9 steps. We've also come to find out that during the step with which a temporary 10 character password is sent that if the user copies and pastes the 10 character password there is a chance that a hidden character may be included at the end yielding this step ineffective. Even if a user gets that far I could go on about the barely noticeable "Change Password" type selection or the fact that the field "Your Current Password" within the [B]Change Password[/B] pop-up window contains the users original password and that they need to reapply the temporary 10 character password (Really?) I'm all for security but not at the extent of losing customers. Keep is simple!
        Don Carver
        WebbMason | Product Manager
        Prinergy 8.1.1
        IPP 7.0.2
        ICW (IAL) 7
        Mac OS 10.11.6


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          Upcoming InSIte Prepress Portal 9.2 (scheduled for Q1, 2021) will mitigate the steps involved in resetting the password.


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            New users we create have an initial password: Pleasechange!
            Seems to get their attention long enough for them to create their own password. Unfortunately, our security requires 12 characters so they have more fun than they deserve.