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Prinergy 8.4 Problem Report Fixes

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  • Prinergy 8.4 Problem Report Fixes

    Referenced PR ID Summary
    PRINERGY-26602 Conditional loop detection messages are incorrectly formatted
    PRINERGY-30474 Media verification for large jobs (jobs with over 4097 files to be archived) will fail.
    PRINERGY-32103 HyperFlex Classic fails to output with APPE
    PRINERGY-35597 Certain files fail to trap with Bitstream Access_Violation "Failed to free m_pFontClass" error
    PRINERGY-37518 Rehost Tool moves registry setting for default diagnostics port from Prinergy 5.x to 6.x leading to incorrect port setting
    PRINERGY-38593 Apple Symbol TrueType subset causes normalize to fail
    PRINERGY-39025 RBA Global and RuleSet variable values are incorrectly purged if they have been modified within a rule set via a Set Variables action
    PRINERGY-39416 Workshop Job Finder columns do not retain customizations between sessions.
    PRINERGY-39472 Installer throws up an error if the VC10 runtime libraries can't be installed because there is already a more current version on the machine
    PRINERGY-39555 Double-Take 7.1 configuration scripts don't work if the account password has special characters such as $ in it
    PRINERGY-40954 Job Finder does not always refresh custom field values when they are updated by RBA
    PRINERGY-41716 Preflight+: Very complex RGB shading object missing when 1v4 Prepress profile or Color convert fixup applied
    PRINERGY-42001 Upgrades sometimes hang while upgrading Oracle or OracleClient because of old installAction log files
    PRINERGY-42700 Reverted DueDate changes in Workshop caused by Prinergy-34518 (add controls for job Due Dates padding)
    PRINERGY-43209 Lost ability to honor/override individual attributes with document screening
    PRINERGY-43943 RBA Import Imposition Success message is not produced when imported imposition contains Page Aliases.
    PRINERGY-44578 Preflight+: Stroked lines that are part of a transparency knockout group disappear when flattened
    PRINERGY-45397 System\ColorflowDaemonHost registry key is defined on some Secondary Servers, causing Output Failures
    PRINERGY-46055 Enabling SMB2/3 with Prinergy 8 and Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 degrades performance
    PRINERGY-46588 Color Space and colors are changed in PGY 8.2 from CMYK to "ICC based CMYK" after refine
    PRINERGY-47039 Preflight+: PDF fails with 'q is illegal within a Text Object...' if run through convert font to outline fixup
    PRINERGY-47701 All Screen Tag Settings are applied when "Honor Screen Frequencies (or Angles) Only" selected
    PRINERGY-47297 Cannot create Preflight+ Custom Fixup when Workshop language is set to Japanese
    PRINERGY-48069 Overprint Handling fails to create new objects on ICC-based objects created by the new Flattener, artifacts appear when converting spot colors to process
    PRINERGY-48230 Refine: Flattener fails with message: "Conversion error: Flattener process timed out" and EXE continues to run
    PRINERGY-49017 PDF Vector Output fails with GLIB exception "Illegal clipping path update within a text object"
    PRINERGY-49057 Rehost save is extremely slow when process templates have a large number of spot color mappings
    PRINERGY-49151 Added support for UnderScores in Custom Field names for use with Variable Text Marks
    PRINERGY-49258 Fonts with clipping text lines not converting to outlines
    PRINERGY-49289 Certain Glyphs not converting to outlines when using Freetype because the Glyph outline is empty
    PRINERGY-49385 Preflight+ fails with library initialization error after processing 100s of PDFs causing subsequent tasks to fail
    PRINERGY-49395 Nightly Prinergy backup fails to launch intermittently
    PRINERGY-49596 Axial NChannel shading blend on text is incorrect after refine
    PRINERGY-49604 Stroked line that uses a smooth shade with NChannel colorspace goes missing or shifts under certain conditions.
    PRINERGY-49620 Rehost tool is not cleaning up PgyCfgRestorBackup folder and its contents when rehost is completed
    PRINERGY-49642 Changed UI label "Non-fatal" PDF error handling to "Suppressible" error handling in Process Template Editor
    PRINERGY-49678 Precheck does not calculate drive space requirements on a failover server correctly
    PRINERGY-49701 JDFs with numeric signature names that exceed 9 digits cannot be imported into Prinergy
    PRINERGY-49704 Increased maximum number of Oracle database connections from 500 to 1000.
    PRINERGY-49767 If output with Color Convert and Overprint Handling are enabled trapped objects can disappear under certain conditions.
    PRINERGY-49893 Importing jobs that were not exported with backward compatibility turned on changes the page sets and impositions
    PRINERGY-50076 Link service hangs while consuming CPU.
    PRINERGY-50254 Plate output with tonal adjustment does not trigger JMF subscription signal to Business Link
    Michael Bialko
    Worldwide Technical Product Manager Packaging Workflow
    Unified Workflow Systems
    [email protected] |