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Prinergy 8.5 Features and Problem Reports Targeted

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  • Prinergy 8.5 Features and Problem Reports Targeted

    This document contains forward looking statements regarding future operations, product development and product capabilities. This information is subject to substantial uncertainties and is subject to change at any time without prior notification.

    Statements contained in this document concerning these matters only reflect KSD predictions and / or expectations as of the date of this document and actual results and future plans of KSD may differ significantly as a result of, among other things, changes in product strategy resulting from technological, internal corporate, market and other changes. This is not a commitment to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.

    Referenced PR ID Summary

    PRINERGY-50880 PDF Vector: Blank space characters not converting to outlines for font HelveticaNeue-LT

    PRINERGY-50824 Evo Migration Tool: Migrated output process templates include /CPC_RIPToUse

    PRINERGY-50686 Font information remained in vector output PDF but no actual font text exists

    PRINERGY-50669 Ink Eater mark shows through some artwork content

    PRINERGY-49740 APPE: Bleed missing on output when using Complex Job Mode

    PRINERGY-49633 Default sysaux tablespace is too small.

    PRINERGY-47465 Preflight+: PDF fails with uninformative Unknown error exception message

    PRINERGY-46495 Preflight+ customized check and fixup strings do not translate

    PRINERGY-46275 PSystemMonD.exe does not monitor the free space of the SysAux table space

    PRINERGY-43689 RBA's Write Text To File action fails if the file it is writing to is being tailed

    PRINERGY-42796 Prinergy Installer fails with error 'Setup failed to install VC12 Native Runtime Library Redistributable'

    PRINERGY-38468 Render JTP should time out and provide error information if printer queue is not available or driver is missing.

    PRINERGY-50691 Windows Server 2019 OS

    PRINERGY-50692 Oracle v12.x

    PRINERGY-50347 Adobe PDF Print Engine v5.x

    PRINERGY-50862 JAVA v8.x (Prinergy Workshop)

    PRINERGY-50706 VPS Plus w/support for Mac OS 10.15

    PREPS-15251 Preps 8.5 w/support for Mac OS 10.15

    PANDORA-1634 Smart Hot Folder will be Hot Folder Driven

    PANDORA-1633 Print PDF will also include Print CF2

    PANDORA-1616 Smart Layout nesting improvements

    PANDORA-1615 Smart Layout will reduce gaps in between artwork

    PANDORA-1608 Smart Layout will close gaps in CF2 file when path is not closed
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    Michael Bialko
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    Michael, is there any timeline for the release of Prinergy 8.5? We have older Macs that need updating and buying new ones will come with Catalina installed on them. I see it will support Mac OS Catalina (10.15). It also says Windows Server 2019 OS. Is that the only version of Windows Server it can run on? Not 2012 or 2016?
    Prinergy Connect 8.2.1
    Preps 8.2.1
    Insite Prepress Portal 9
    Mac OS Mojave 14.5
    Adobe Creative Suite CC 2019


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      Please see latest message posted 10/1/2020
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      Michael Bialko
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        Windows Server 2016 will also be supported for Prinergy 9
        Michael Bialko
        Product Manager Workflow
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          Prinergy 8.5 became Prinergy 9.0 after adding additional new features and improvements.
          Michael Bialko
          Product Manager Workflow
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