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InSite 9.1 Problem Reports Fixed

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  • InSite 9.1 Problem Reports Fixed

    This document contains forward looking statements regarding future operations, product development and product capabilities. This information is subject to substantial uncertainties and is subject to change at any time without prior notification.

    Statements contained in this document concerning these matters only reflect KSD predictions and / or expectations as of the date of this document and actual results and future plans of KSD may differ significantly as a result of, among other things, changes in product strategy resulting from technological, internal corporate, market and other changes. This is not a commitment to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.

    Referenced PR ID Summary

    INST-12919 Themes - Customized Service name is not shown on browser tab

    INST-12966 Job search box will lose focus after typing one letter in it

    INST-12885 Job list view causes ORA-03113 when customer has very large number of jobs

    INST-12870 Approved pages are shown as "Approval Requested" after Reviewer and Approver worked on the same job/pages simultaneously

    INST-12866 SR: Color information is not displayed after select a color patch in draw panel

    INST-12863 Arrange pages: Pages added to Groups are not displayed in the list

    INST-12858 ICU should not modify entries in the hosts file that it did not put there

    INST-12837 Unable to see or edit user groups when group's assigned job role is "Use Member's Default Role"

    INST-12816 All rules lost in Job's Upload Processing Rules tab if login user without Configure Upload Processing right

    INST-12743 Active Directory: Authentication fails if users UserPrincipalName and sAMAccountName are different

    INST-12628 Create/Edit User Group dialog window does not show beyond 100 users

    INST-12589 Bypass Login does not allow language to be specified

    INST-12554 @ symbol in username breaks bypass login

    INST-12510 RIP for Rendering can't be inherited by job template

    INST-12462 Preview: Spread view setting shows incorrect page size when the job has both single pages and reader spread pages in Pageset

    INST-12382 Viewing pages by Signatures is not working properly when Prinergy is in Legacy Mode

    INST-12349 User Session Timeout is reached during active IPP session - Upload / Download (regression)

    INST-12199 Smart Review - Page Scrolling with large number of Pages.

    INST-12069 Upload Files... button in French UI is in German

    INST-12039 Preflight+ information is not translated in Page Info

    INST-9214 HTML5 Preview - Unable to scroll through pageset list if list is longer than screen height

    INST-7216 PCI Security: Missing Secure Flag From SSL Cookie

    INST-6956 Japanese translation (regression) issue on Smart Review UI

    INST-11981 Sustaining PR's - 9.1

    INST-11890 PressProof Updates

    INST-11856 Security Improvements

    INST-11783 Enterprise Support

    INST-11798 UI Issues - Clean up

    ICW-2356 Integ system: MyTasks page incorrectly shows default header theme while it should be customer specific header

    ICW-2637 Extremely large log file issue

    ICW-2729 Reviewer's overdue task indicator still counts tasks completed by Approver

    ICW-3060 RED X displaying when opening color task elements on Mac OS using Safari 10 with MV7 or MV8 installed & monitor calibrated

    ICW-3109 Warning message for Rejecting multi-page file says "you are Approving.."

    ICW-3125 For Multi page element, voting button on individual page is not following the Approval restriction logic

    ICW-3466 InSite service password to support entire UTF-16 character set

    ICW-3575 300 dpi JPEG download fails when Distribution servers are in use

    ICW-3639 Start SMTP upon completion of ICCU

    ICW-3641 Backup Confirmation reports failure even though the backup is successful

    ICW-3709 Security: HTTP header security flags

    ICW-3710 Security: Lack of Input Validation

    ICW-3935 Element deletion during upload process causes full folder deletion

    ICW-3947 Sequence stuck when you have Approver and Reviewer in the same sequence (and there is more unvoted Approver in task)

    ICW-2427 Qualify Windows 2012R2

    ICW-2741 Security - Restrict users accessing ICW via the WEBUI

    ICW-4032 Sustaining PR's - 9.1
    Michael Bialko
    Worldwide Technical Product Manager Packaging Workflow
    Unified Workflow Systems
    [email protected] |