Prinergy 9 release status

So Prinergy 9 is nearing the end of the beta with a scheduled release date in February. The date could move if any last minute issues are discovered.

Prinergy Workshop 9, VPS+, ColorFlow 9, Pandora 8.4, PLA 8.4, offer support for Mac OS 10.15 Catalina and Big Sur OS 11. Preps 9 will initially only support with Mac 10.15 with support coming in 1st quarter for Mac OS 11.

Preps 9 is brand new version from the ground up built on 64-bit technology. Preps 9 will be the fastest imposition solution Kodak has ever produced.

VPS+ is a brand new replacement QA tool for the legacy VPS software. VPS+ offers so many new features and improvements never found before. VPS and TAP have been merged together to offer a state of the art 64-bit QA offering.

Version 9 uses the latest Adobe APPE 5 rendering technology for the fast rendering times ever in Prinergy. We worked with Adobe to create new rendering technology that no other workflow can offer. A must see!

We have seen complex 9 color, 64" packaging jobs go from 120 minutes in Prinergy 8.4 go to 4 minutes in Prinergy 9. Another Flexo wide web job went from 13 hours to 4 minutes!!!! Every job is different and results will be different based on hardware and files.

In Prinergy version 9 we now offer new Kodak Managed services offerings to make the most of your Prinergy system. Prinergy Analytics offerings replace the legacy Dashboard product and offer new job, page, imposition, separation, user, and system information never seen before. Reach out to your Kodak Sales rep. for more information or a demo or contact me below.

Michael Bialko
[email protected]
Product Manager for Prinergy, Prinergy Evo, Preps, Pandora, VPS+, Packaging Layout Automation, Digital Print, and TAP.
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Kodak mobile CTP App

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  • Kodak mobile CTP App

    I was wondering if anybody on here is using the Kodak app to control and monitor their CTP?
    If so, is it easy to setup, is it useful and easy to use and have you seen any benefits from using it?

    Rick Barnes
    Technical Projects Manager
    SF Taylor
    Stockport, UK

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    Hi Rick, we are using the CTP app at this moment, it was very easy to setup. Has it a lot of benefits? you have realtime information about the status of your device. that in itself can be useful. Especially if the machine is in another department.

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    J. Hoppenbrouwer | Manager Prepress
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    Prinergy | RBA | Preps | ColorFlow Pro | Matchprint | Magnus 800 Quantum | Electra XD | Kodak NexPress 3000 SE


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      Hi J. Hoppenbrouwer
      Thanks for the reply.
      We found out that our CTP doesn't support the app and probably never will, so it's useless to us.
      Was looking forward to checking it out too, never mind.
      With our CTP now being on the other side of the building, would have been handy.
      We manually keep an eye on it using realvnc now. Works well but no notifications if there is an issue.
      Rick Barnes
      Technical Projects Manager
      SF Taylor
      Stockport, UK