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  • Login trouble

    I am having difficulty logging into the forum from my home computer. Whenever I try to login from home I get an error about an invalid username/password. I have carefully checked my typing and know the username/password are correct, but it won't let me in. I have no problem logging in from my computer at work which usually presents more problems because of network security. Any suggestions.

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    Re: Login trouble

    Delete any cookies relating to "". Something is probably hosing up your login. Are you using a Mac or a PC? Have you tried an alternative browser to see if the problem still occurs? If you're on Windows are you sure you don't have any spyware/keyloggers installed?

    Good luck getting any help from Kodak on this... they can't be bothered to install an update to the board software (which they have already purchased), or figure out why emails from this forum arrive 2-3 days after the messages are posted...

    A successful web forum requires management. It's not something you purchase/set up and just set aside. We've not had a significant replacement presence from Creo/Kodak since Lesley MacDonald departed...

    If you're not going to spend the resources to do it then let the users do it (since this is the User's Association website). I do have a ton of vBulletin/vBulletin plug-in experience..
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