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Missing emails from this forum?

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  • Missing emails from this forum?

    Last email notification I've received from this forum (I have it turned on for both replies to threads I've posted in, as well as new threads posted in the Prinergy forum) was on 11/17. Is it just me or are all email notifications broken? I can't find anything obvious blocked on my mail server...

    If so, we went from it taking 2-3 days between the event and the email, to not having them at all.

    What's the status of vBulletin 3.6.8? It was my understanding from Tom that Kodak had purchased the upgrade. I don't understand why they can't take the time to actually install it...
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    Re: Missing emails from this forum?

    Ok, ok, ok...
    the deal with the emails and upgrade is this... since lesley left Kodak, it has taken a good deal of tiem to get someone at Kodak to own this issue. I have done that...Amanda Brock.. is the gal who is working on this. Now the server that this forum is running on is not a Kodak server. Apparently we has bandwidth issues with regards to how many emails can be sent out and Kodak is working on that along with the upgrade. Yes we own the upgrade, we are just finding the right folk at Kodak to help install. Slow going I know..but its all I have for ya. - tc
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