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  • Hat Tip for the New Forum

    Just wanted to say, Leslie, I'm likin this.

    No longer do I have to save all the forum emails on my 'puter that I think maybe one day will be important. Even though there's not much meat in storage here yet, it's nice to be able to search on a specific term like "System Down! Server SNAFU!" and be able to pull up all the pertinent and useful posts.

    Very nice. Thanks.
    Barry Long
    Digital Systems Coordinator
    American Press, LLC

    Prinergy User since v1.1
    PlateMaster before that.
    (Yes, I'm that old.)

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    Re: Hat Tip for the New Forum

    I concur.


    Wherever my Avatar says I am – that’s only where I wish I was. At a pub drinking a Dortmunder!

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      Re: Hat Tip for the New Forum

      Hi Barry & Jason,

      Thanks for the great feedback I agree with you guys - I think the features offered by this online community are more useful to everyone and we're not even using them all yet...

      Your GUA board members really deserve all the credit - they are the ones that wanted to make the change to this format and understood the impacts of the transfer - so kudos to them for their vision.

      From my perspective, the new features are great - but the administration is also very straightforward and allows us greater security and better flexibility.

      There is a downside to the very small group of GUA members that don't have internet access - hopefully the forums will become such a valuable resource that the decision makers at their companies might alter their internet policy.

      Nice to hear that you are happy with it though - very satisfying!

      Best regards,