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Why have we changed the discussion forums?

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  • Why have we changed the discussion forums?

    We were using a Lyris List server to manage the GUA discussion forums.

    Lyris was not an optimal tool for:

    Creating a visible community on the web
    Managing both public and private discussion forums
    Accessing and searching the forum archives
    Managing security forum by forum
    Creating User managed profiles
    Growing membership

    This forum is built on VBulletin a best in breed solution to manage web communities. This tool will enable us to scale the forums as the interests of the community diverge. It is also a feature rich environment which gives members more flexibility in how you participate.

    You can:
    Create your own profile
    Choose your own signature
    Identify when you are talking to other members, Kodak or GUA Board members
    Identify when you are talking to other members what country they are from
    Subscribe to forums, or threads
    Select notification by email by thread, by day, by week, by month
    Identify new threads only
    Rate member posts for helpfulness
    Send private emails to other members
    Create a buddy list
    Change your password or email address